ROI of 1129% and 96,519 rubles for an empty massage salon
Начнём с того, что этот кейс является одним из наших самых любимых. Хотя «рождался» он долго — три месяца мы искали нужную формулу, пробовали разные офферы, запускали, перезапускали... Но в этом и заключается прелесть настоящего маркетинга — найти верную стратегию тогда, когда другие не могут! Но обо всем по порядку...
About the project:
A beautiful woman named Татьяна approached me. The situation was disastrous, if not critical! The niche is not the easiest: vacuum massage. Have you read many case studies on promoting a noname massage (vacuum) salon? Well, I didn't find many of them... "I pay for rent, there are no clients at all" - that was the slogan with which I started my work.
Project features:
In addition to the fact that there are no clients, and the business is offline and very local, there were a couple more moments:
As already mentioned, I did not find adequate cases on this topic on Instagram and Facebook. Usually, this happens when the topic does not resonate well on Instagram. And it could also mean that promoting it on social media is challenging in general.

The task was complicated by the fact that there was not even a profile with content in Instagram. And this is massage, beauty industry, where personal branding (or beauty salon branding) is VERY important. Because trust matters.

Initially, only one thing was clear - Tatiana would be able to handle processing requests (about 10-20 per day). And that means I won't get a bunch of questions like, "Why, when ordering promotion on Instagram, do I still need to CALL people afterwards??? "

And it happens :)

Everything is clear here: good applications + good calls = profit! I knew Tatiana from her other business projects, so we knew what to expect from each other. Let's get down to business!
Strategy and first offers:
Taking into account the two circumstances described above, I could not work with brand promotion or use reviews that work well in such topics.
Therefore, there were only two options on which I could play with a completely cold audience. It's price and pain.
With the price, everything is clear, I need to test different offers from the lower end to the highest. This way I will understand at what price I get the most adequate clients and above what price point I won't get any requests at all. That is, I will test the elasticity of demand for this service.
There are many different types of pain in the massage theme. So I had to try different ones and in bulk.

As Edison said, you have to try a thousand options that won't work before finding the one you're looking for.

And that's exactly what happened. For two months, I tested various offers that didn't catch on (fortunately, I spent no more than $1-2 on each). And in the end, I had a breakthrough!

One of the main pains that women can experience is cellulite! Even slim women often have it. I'm not medical professional, but I've heard that it's just a feature of the female body, hyped up by the mass media as a problem (and "no one will marry you" because of it).

Well, we're in the world of marketing. No matter how awful the complexes nurtured by advertising are, we had to focus on this.
Promotion and effective offer:
I came up with an ad. A clear and concise offer in three sentences with a tail. Only 16 golden words. Yes, I strengthened it even more with the word "correcting" to make sure that no one would back out. The main thing is that this is pure truth — vacuum massage really corrects the figure!

Let's skip the 2-3 months when no offer caught on :)

And then, the first application! The second, third! "Finally," I thought! Especially considering that until that moment, there were no applications at all. The main thing was clear: this was not just a working scheme, but an endless stream of customers for this particular business! How endless it is, we will see, but six months have already passed since then, and I continue to work successfully and fill all the "windows" in the massage salon's schedule!

Numbers and results:
Received applications (for an offer at 1190 rubles): 109 applications

Cost per application: $0.66 = ~43 ₽

Budget spent: 4,687 ₽ + 703 ₽ = 5390 ₽

Received applications (for an offer at 1290 rubles): 16 applications

Cost per application: 171.70 ₽

Budget spent: 2,748 ₽ + 413 ₽ (service fee for working with FB) = 3,161 ₽

Total budget spent: 8,551 ₽

Next, I will list the figures that Tatiana calculated during her collaboration with us for advertising on Instagram.

Total number of inquiries: ~140 inquiries (some girls shared the offer, so the total number of inquiries was slightly higher)

Average profit per inquiry: ~1100 rubles (at the beginning, there were inquiries that went through with a small discount, so the average figure is like this)

Conversion from inquiry to sale: 52%

Revenue: 140*52%*1100 rubles=80,080 rubles

Permanent clients obtained to date (I think there will be more): 6 people who pay approximately 3 times a month

Repeat sales ONLY from permanent clients: 6*3.5=21 payments

Additional income from repeat sales: 21*1190 rubles (current average price)=24,990 rubles

Profit: 80,080 rubles+24,990 rubles–8551 rubles=96,519 rubles

ROI (return on advertising investment): 96,519 rubles/8551 rubles*100 %=1129%

Monthly cash flow after advertising: >25,000 rubles
Tatiana received a huge influx of NEW clients. Some of them became permanent. At some point, we were asked to completely stop advertising because there were no more available spots for the week.

Yes, this is the best compliment for an agency: to turn a loss-making business with 0 clients into a massage salon that constantly works with marketing.
Of course, with every client, I strive for exactly this — the happy slogan "I have no shortage of clients."
My goal is to create a working tool for obtaining inquiries, such as a "tap," which can always be opened when there are not enough clients and closed when there are too many.

And in this case, I have described in quite detail how I managed to achieve this.
P.S. I am waiting for Tatiana's feedback, but she is a perfectionist and wants everything to be perfect, so she asked me to write a review for her to post ;)

I will not do that, of course.

Thank you for reading this case! I hope it will help you achieve such great results!
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Директор Getmanov Marketing
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